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The Two Biggest Cyber-Threats

Here at Wilson Computers we monitor hundreds of computers in real time to protect our clients from a wide variety of malicious cyber attacks. Recently we have seen a surge in the two most common threats, ransomware and phishing. On a daily basis, local businesses just like yours are being scammed out of large sums…

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Scam Warning – Important Advice

Part of what we do here at Wilson Computers is to keep up to date with scams and security risks so that we can continue to protect our clients. A threat that we are seeing more and more often has seen scammers walk away with millions of pounds from businesses in the Greater Belfast area.…

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The NHS Cyber Attack – Latest Info

The NHS Cyber Attack – What Your Business Needs To Know What exactly happened? A major cyber attack hit over 200,000 computers in 150 different countries. The virus used known vulnerabilities in Windows server and desktop operating systems to spread from computer to computer and was extremely effective due to the fact that it was capable…

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About Us

Wilson Computers provides I.T. technical support and sales to North Down and the greater Belfast area. We pride ourselves on doing things right and communicating properly with our clients. What makes us different is that we can provide a full I.T. solution from start to finish. Whatever your I.T. needs, Wilson Computers can plan, provide, implement and then support any system. Call us today and find out how we can help your business thrive by providing professional, affordable, I.T. support and sales.





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