How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud

Business Fraud

Here at Wilson Computers we monitor hundreds of computers to protect our clients against cybercrime attacks. Some of the worst business fraud cases we have investigated originated from an attacker getting access to a user’s mailbox. This article describes how to avoid some of the most common attacks and offers support to victims of business…

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Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support?

Outsourcing computer services and IT functions, whether be it simple tasks or professional functions, has become common practice today with businesses in Northern Ireland. As it saves not only time but resources and money. And while many companies will be generally apprehensive in outsourcing most core functions, they are more than happy to pass over…

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Password Scam, Computer Services in Belfast Northern Ireland

The Password Scam

Password Scam – How Does It Work? Here at Wilson Computers we get contacted on a regular basis by businesses who are targeted by scams. Consequently, we see many different techniques that scammers use to try and extort money. Recently this “Password Scam” has became very prevalent and has been causing many un-due concerns. The…

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The Two Biggest Cyber-Threats

Here at Wilson Computers we monitor hundreds of computers in real time to protect our clients from a wide variety of malicious cyber attacks. Recently we have seen a surge in the two most common threats, ransomware and phishing. On a daily basis, local businesses just like yours are being scammed out of large sums…

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The Microsoft Scam

Microsoft DO NOT phone home users. If someone phones claiming to be from Microsoft, hang up straight away. Please refer this page to anyone you think might benefit, because it is important to get this message out there. Microsoft themselves state “Remember, Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical…

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Picture this, you arrive into work and sit down at your desk.  There’s a big space where your keyboard, monitor and mouse used to be.  You have extra legroom where your tower once was and all that extra desk space!  Now let’s get down to work.  Time to check your calendar, login to your inbox,…

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Windows 10

Windows 10 Latest – What your business needs to know Windows 10 has been out for 5 months now and Microsoft are extremely keen for users to upgrade.  Users may have noticed the notification in the bottom right of their screen encouraging them to take the leap.  Some very observant users may even have noticed…

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